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You’ve earned the degree… now what? Now is NOT the time to letup on your learning– There are always new things to learn to be successful as an ROI-minded marketer and the wider workplace.

Helpful Information for Students

7-Week Course Schedule

Week 1: Welcome and Storytelling

Week 2: Social Channels: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Tools

Week 3: Email Marketing and Automation

Week 4: SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads

Week 5: Multimedia: Images, Video, and Design Tools

Week 6: Metrics: Google Analytics, Reach Tools

Week 7: Final Presentations and Internship Placement Prep


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Goals For Confident New Marketers

Structure of Digital Marketing Course

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Take Opportunity for Career Success Now: ROIinU Overview

Jumpstart your successful career now with the most employer-sought-after skills — ones you likely didn’t get to in your college career. While it may be easy to sit back and coast into your first job, take your resume and interview to the next level.

Everyone hates group projects because of the slackers. This course is designed for students to perform and learn. It’s interactive & live & designed to instill skills for success. Whether you’re a college student or parent of one, request an ROIinU application today!

ROIinU is a 7-week-long live-virtual class that covers the essentials of digital marketing through a blend of interactive activities, expert-led discussions, and practical application of learned soft and technical skills. Students will build a professional-grade portfolio and help support businesses’ growth via applied digital marketing strategies. 

Evaluation & Key Components

Each week, students, their peers and instructors will work to refine and grow their portfolio. Students will become a natural at...

Upon successful course completion, students will have remote digital marketing internship opportunities. After successful completion of the internship, students will be guaranteed at least 3 interviews. And of course, letters of reference & a baked-in network of classmates, instructors, and industry leaders.


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In-depth Learning

Dive deeper into the nitty-gritty pieces of digital marketing that your textbooks may have missed.

Enhance Your Soft Skills

Strengthen the skills you may be lacking & the ones that employers will look for on your resume.

Strengthen Your Network

Work with industry-experts that will guide you through the course & serve as the start of your network.