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You’ve earned the degree… now what? Now is NOT the time to letup on your learning– There are always new things to learn to be successful as an ROI-minded marketer and the wider workplace.

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Are you considering a career in digital marketing but aren’t sure if you have the right qualifications?

It can seem daunting, especially reading through job boards. There will be required skills that you’ve never even heard of because your school never taught them to you. 

The fact is that the world of Digital Marketing is changing so rapidly that school curricula can’t even keep up. Most of what you learned may already be outdated, and instructors know this, so instead of preparing you fully, they teach you the basics. 

But understanding the customer value journey doesn’t mean that you are prepared to manage client accounts, optimize a website for SEO, or write engaging website copy. 


That’s why we created this resource to show you what skills you’ll need to work in Digital Marketing and how you can get them.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you know what SEO is or how to optimize for findability? Every digital marketing company invests resources in Search Engine Optimization because it’s so effective. 

According to Brightedge, organic search drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media. 

To be prepared for your career in marketing you should at least know what SEO is and how it works, but you will be far ahead of the game with some experience. 

Start by learning how keywords draw users to your website through Google search. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources that will easily explain how to actually optimize a website, so look for online Digital Marketing Classes.

They can give you on-the-job training that you wouldn’t get from formal education, and for a fraction of the cost.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, but there’s a lot more to creating engaging content than just optimizing it for SEO. 

It doesn’t matter how optimal your post is if nobody is interested. To have an advantage in this field, you’ll need some decent writing skills, but more importantly, an understanding of what people want to consume. 

Can you plan and create engaging content that matches a variety of tones while meeting deadlines? It’s not as hard as you might think with the right training. 

You won’t get anywhere in your marketing career without a core background in digital marketing essentials.

Social Media Marketing

There will be a good chunk of readers here that skip straight to this section. 

Why? Because they think they already know everything there is about social media. The truth is that every intern says they’ll have no problem creating engaging and targeted posts week after week. 

And guess what? Most of them realize pretty quickly that they don’t know what they’re doing. 

Of course, it’s not your fault. You were just never taught how to leverage social media marketing in school. Sure, they probably taught you about each platform and how marketers use them, but that’s the bare minimum in a real-world setting.

You will need to adapt to your clients, voice, tone, and buyer personas for all of their posts. All while tracking the metrics to figure out what works best for them. 

  • How often should you post?
  • What day and time of the week is best?
  • Is visual or text content better?
  • What platform is your audience engaging on?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself as you get started in a Social Media Marketing Career. 

Content Marketing

We’ve talked about data and metrics at length in this post, but it’s a big part of marketing. But, of course, not everything you do in Digital Marketing will result in direct sales, so this is how you’ll be tracking your progress. 

  • How many impressions is your site getting?
  • How many clicks is it getting?
  • What’s the click-through rate of your Facebook Ad?
  • What are the volume and KD% of your SEO terms

These are crucial metrics in digital marketing and will determine the basis of your strategies. You will need to learn what these mean and use the sources that create them, such as Google Search Console or SEM Rush. 

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach. While you may use some of the basic concepts you learned in school, you will require an in-depth understanding of intricacies like these to be successful. 

Where can you find these skills?

Unfortunately, you probably didn’t learn any more than the basics of each of these topics during your bachelor’s degree. So you may be considering furthering your education to catch up. 

The issue is that Graduate programs often fall into the same trap of not keeping up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. As a result, by the time you graduate, what you learned may no longer be relevant, and they aren’t offering any real work experience. 

There’s much more you can learn on the job than in a Marketing Degree, so you just need to get your foot in the door. 

ROIinU hones your digital marketing skills: You’ll collaborate with industry experts and real brands to create a top-notch portfolio packed with impactful deliverables. You’ll also be building your network and interviewing with ROIinU’s partners who are eager to hire skilled digital marketers like our alumni. 

With all of this, you’ll have a massive advantage over your peers without shelling out an extra $40,000 for graduate school. 

Does that sound like a good deal to you? Get started here.