How The Class Of 2021 Benefits From The Talent Shortage

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Senior year is hard enough without worrying about finding a job on the other end. Chances are your school didn’t teach you how to optimize your job search or nail a job interview. The sad truth is that most recent graduates, from the class of 2021, feel woefully unprepared for a possibly months long job hunt. Many aren’t even sure how to properly craft an impressive cover letter set up their LinkedIn profiles. They just blindly scroll through job postings online sending out generic resumes. What they don’t realize is just how much of an advantage they have applying to jobs right now.

Taking Advantage The Current Job Market

While for the class of 2021 it may feel like there are no opportunities available to them, a study by ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey found that 69% of U.S. employers are struggling to find skilled workers and Marketing is one of the hardest roles to fill. This shortage indicates that companies are actively recruiting skilled workers and are working hard to retain them. With companies in dire need of skilled employees, many are looking to studies to find out what workers want and how they can best serve them as an employer. In an employee-market, employees are forced to evaluate things such as schedule flexibility, mental and physical wellbeing benefits, and competitive pay and healthcare. Now is the time for recent graduates to take advantage of these negotiating benefits in their job hunt by asking for what they want.

Job Boards Aren’t The Only Option

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to take the first job that comes your way, or apply to every job that you see. Cherry picking what jobs you send in applications for will overall improve their quality. It is better to find and hone in on one great job than several mediocre ones. Overall, you will find that networking is a better way to find jobs than online postings. It’s said that most jobs posted online have already been filled, or will at least have someone in mind. While you search for a job continue to work on building a network of marketing professionals.

How To Network As The Class Of 2021

This means reaching out to people through LinkedIn, social media, phone, and email. Think of it as a way to learn more about the industry, so don’t just go around asking people for jobs. Explain that you are currently searching for jobs in their field and would like to learn more about what they do. People will always be willing to give you advice because it’s an easy thing to do, whereas offering someone a job is much harder. Hiring the wrong full time employee could cost a business a good amount of time and money. If you are struggling with making connections on your own then consider attending a networking event. Here you’ll be able to make connections with people that you already know are doing the same.

Potential Benefits To Negotiate

When you land that interview you’ll want to make sure you’re getting every benefit that you deserve. The talent shortage means that employers today have to be much more competitive when finding and keeping employees. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for more if you think that you are being paid an unfair amount or working ridiculous hours. You’ll find that there are plenty of places that will offer you everything you are looking for.

What You Can Negotiate
  • Salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible hours
  • Remote working
  • Stock options
  • Tuition Assistance
If this talent shortage isn’t addressed, a study by Korn Ferry found that by 2030, there will be a global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people. By skilling-up and becoming the skilled worker that employees are looking for, recent graduates will be able to negotiate and potentially end up with better benefits than they ever thought possible. In the meantime continue to hone your skills, and become the ideal candidate that any hiring manager is looking for. There are plenty of soft and hard skills that you can develop without necessarily having work experience in your desire field. Experience always helps, but there are plenty of crossover skills that will look good on your resume.

Don’t Let Your Job Hunt Discourage You

You may not find a job right away, and that’s okay. It is extremely easy to feel discouraged when your inbox piles up with rejections, but that just means you haven’t found the position perfectly suited to you. Hiring managers know what and who they are looking for. So rejections don’t mean you’re a bad candidate, just not the perfect one. There are so many opportunities out there for the class of 2021. Continue applying and working on yourself and you’ll find a job that you love in no time. A lack of experience does not mean that you are lacking in skills. Employers know this, and are on the lookout for someone who stands out regardless of their experience. Just prepare to show off everything you can do when you finally get your foot in the door.