How To Network and Market Yourself To Find An Interesting Marketing Job: Thor Johnson

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The perception today is that COVID has made hiring exceptionally difficult. That no one will be able to find jobs no matter how hard they try, but this isn’t true.

The fact is that there are jobs out there looking to hire ambitious young people. What you’re missing then is just the techniques that will get you hired.

Why Should They Hire You

The first thing you should do when looking for a job is figure out why someone would hire you. In the eyes of the hiring manager, it is all about what’ll make them look good. They want someone who can come in, get a bunch of things done, and help them over time.

Are you going to be a success? That’s one of the things they’re looking for when it comes to hiring. As the one who hired you, anything you succeed at reflects well on them as well.

Another thing they will look at is if you will be fun to work with. This means, for one, that they don’t want someone who’s going to create a lot of extra work. Because they are deciding to invest in you. Which means that you need to go into that interview and convince them that you’re going to work hard and you’re going to be a pleasure to work with. Especially if you don’t have many years of experience.

If you’ve been to college they’ll know you have a good education, but they’re still going to have to teach you the job. So for the hiring manager to make that commitment they’ll have to know it’s worth their time. Which at a point could just come down to them liking you more than another equally qualified candidate.

You have to add to the office culture. Which means a lot of things. You will have to be able to develop, learn, figure things out, and offer something new. Which all ties back into making your bosses look good.

Using LinkedIn

You should be on LinkedIn. It’s a great place for connecting with potential employers or anyone who could help you find a job. Make sure that your profile matches your resume. It’s extremely helpful to be able to reference one or both during an interview, for both you and the company.

You will be in a lot of situations where someone will ask you to walk them through your resume. Which you should already be familiar with, but it always helps to have some reference. Now, especially, this is great because most of your interviews will be done online.

So really clean it up, focus your interests, and clear the crap out of there. Then try to build up your connections. Hitting and passing the barrier of 500 hundred connections puts you an entirely new category. This will improve your chances of being seen in search engine results, and just generally give your posts a larger audience.

Though don’t just be accepting any invitation that comes your way. Because if someone eventually comes to you for help in making a connection with that person you won’t have anything to offer, and in the business world you never want to be useless. Plus knowing both parties allows you to decide if making the connection would even be worth it. Maybe you will know beforehand that their interests or personalities just don’t match up.

How To Market Yourself

Looking for jobs is like running your own marketing campaign. You have to do the work and go find companies that you think are interesting. Because at this stage you aren’t really looking for a job, even though you think you are. You are building a network that’s going to show you a job that will work for you.

Call everyone you know. Make it a discipline. Make 3-5 phone calls every day and get your emails flowing. Design a nice introductory email for yourself. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just introduce yourself and explain that you are looking for information about their industry. When you’re doing this make it clear that you have studied it already and would like to know more about what the challenges are. Or just ask for advice in your career.

The point is that you aren’t asking for a job, you are asking for advice. It’s difficult for someone to offer you a job. It takes a lot of work and resources, but advice is easy. Anyone can give you advice.

While you are reaching out to people, continue to use your interests as a marketing tool. If you like to write then publish some articles. Post them on LinkedIn where your new connections will be able to see what knowledge and skills you have to offer. When you do add value to what you publish. Don’t just be writing a news story, add some quick analysis or pointers to what you have seen.

You want to make it clear that you are able to think critically about what you are doing, not just regurgitating facts.

Ask For Advice, Not Jobs

As you are reaching out to people, ask them about what they know and what they think would help you out in your job search. Don’t ask them for a job. People will give you advice, but at the same time they’re probably busy. They may only have a half hour to fit your call in and if they do, they’re expecting it to be fun. So be light and know what you’re talking about.

Understand what that their company does, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. Every company’s website has PR releases or a blog that you could read. Spend 10 minutes reading through this and figuring out what they do, what they’re looking for, and what they’re challenges are. Then look at who you’re talking to. Find out where they’ve been

You don’t have to be shoving this knowledge in everyone’s face, but keep it in the back of your mind. Everyone’s got a background and everyone is proud of their own history. So don’t ignore that and do the same. Know what you are good at and where your skills are. Be clear about it. Show how useful you can be.

Maybe you were a journalist. Show that off. It’ll demonstrate that not only do you know how to write, but you know how to get things done on time. That’s extremely valuable to marketers.

Don’t just think that you can get by only being good at social media. A lot of younger people going into marketing think it’s the only skill they’ll need. When in actuality it’s just one channel. There’s a lot that goes into marketing, and a lot of uses that your past experiences can have. So if you have ever been in sales let them know, weave it into a story while you’re on a call.

Just don’t ever shove it in somebody’s face, because they’re doing you a favor by talking to you.

Get Ahead Of Job Posts

About 1 in every 1,000

applicants that applies for a job gets hired. A part of this is because a lot of jobs already have someone in mind before they are posted. So what you see on the job board is actually just a formality.

So if you are working in marketing it’s probably because you talked to a lot of people, say 100. Of which 10-12 were helpful and 2-3 gave you job leads. Then you had a choice on which way you wanted to go. But getting an interesting job without putting in the leg work is hard. A lot of it will rely on your ability to make connections.

A lot of marketers think that this job is easy. That they can just show up and be creative, but it’s actually a lot of work. So when you’re looking for a job, give yourself any advantage that you can. Do all of your research to know who they sell to and how big they are.

At least knowing who’s on top of the industry, and who some of the big names are help you walk into any conversation with an industry specialist.

There Are Many Ways To Skin A Cat

A lot of people get hired out of cycle just for being interesting. This means that with the right connections you might be offered a job that doesn’t even exist yet. If they like you a lot.

That’s easier said than done. The real issue is making friends with these people on the phone so that they’ll figure out a way to help you. Whether that means helping you outright or introducing you to someone who will. That’s how you really develop your network. Which will give you another job, and give you more experience to add on your resume.

It all adds together, and there’s a lot of ways to get where you want to be. Maybe this means doing work for free. Do some social media work or write a blog. This has a great ROI because it helps build out your portfolio, and it can help you make connections.

Try reaching out to a non-profit or a startup because they’ll always be looking for some real work that you can benefit from as well. Or just start writing and posting your own blog online.

Post it on LinkedIn or your own personal website. It can be about anything that shows your thoughts and proves that you can work consistently. You want to have some type of work that you can refer people back to, without getting stuck as someone who only does things for free.

The jobs will come. So if you have to spend a weekend writing a post for somebody without making a lot of money then do it. It’s all about building those connections that will get you where you want to be.