Skills-packed, live-interactive course guides digital marketing professionals to career success.

ROIinU enables more students to learn from experts and is built on the successes of the digital & social media courses Marketing Solutionist  Suzanne McDonald launched & taught at several universities as well as Angles & Insights’ Student-to-Employment program.


About ROIinU
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About ROIinU Lead Instructor

Suzanne McDonald

For a decade + under Suzanne McDonald’s leadership, Angles & Insights and Designated Editor have been dedicated to guiding students of all ages through the quickly evolving world of digital marketing.

Suzanne has served as Adjunct Professor

Launching one of the nation’s first social media courses at URI

Developing and teaching a unique course at  Framingham State University, Event Planning & New Media, in which students not only learned event planning and operations, but also how to market successful events using low-cost tools and digital marketing strategies.

Adapting her methodology to the English
department, Suzanne’s in-depth marketing and journalism background brought new opportunities to juniors and seniors at Framingham State

Your Lead Instructor,
Suzanne McDonald

Brand journalist, education innovator, community launcher, success advocate, podcaster, multi-award-winning Marketing Solutionist.

Suzanne McDonald improves lives: from her clients’ customers and colleagues to her students and vast network of expert partners.


As CEO of Angles & Insights, the former Boston Globe journalist and her team customize digital marketing solutions for brands, from solopreneur to corporate sales-marketing teams.

Other Notable Experiences

Suzanne also founded and curates Newport Interactive Marketing
networking-learning community — bringing expert speakers’
insights to local businesses, agencies & nonprofits — and has
developed & hosted 120+ in-person and virtual events, backed by
an intern.

Notably Suzanne’s intern team won Best Viral Video for “Ticknado,” just one factor in her winning the International Business Award
“Internet New Media Company of the Year.”

Suzanne also co-founded Sea Rose Montessori Elementary School and, as Board President, recently completed a $200,000
schoolhouse eco-reno.

Get in-demand skills and the expert network
for your career success

Award Winning Accomplishments

Award-winning Student-driven Ticknado Project
for real-world client TickEncounter

Suzanne ideated and led a team of 3 social media professionals to train 4 students at URI’s Harrington School of Communications to develop 2 strategic long-range campaigns to increase tick awareness. The team built a reach of 3 million and won Best Viral Video at the Strategic Video Awards.

Winner of the International Business Awards --
Internet & New Media

As well as numerous American Business Awards for her innovative strategic communications, community building, and ongoing opportunities provided to smart, hard-working students.

Winner of the International Business Awards --
Internet & New Media

With more than 100 events, dozens available on-demand, Newport Interactive Marketing delivers actionable insights to thousands of industry professionals and brands large & small. NIM marketing is powered primarily by NIMterns via Angles & Insights’ Student to Employment Program, providing students with a wide-ranging and deep portfolio that touches all aspects of digital marketing: email, media releases, calendar optimization, website curation, multimedia content, social media, and more.

ROIinU is built on successful
student projects like Ticknado

Successful brands experiences Suzanne has been a part of

Suzanne achieved her high school goal to be a journalist at The Boston Globe before she was 30. Since taking a voluntary buyout to launch her marketing agencies, Suzanne has founded and built many successful brands like Newport Interactive Marketing networking-learning community and Sea Rose Montessori School.

Presenting & Recent Conferences Attended

Presented at:  Women | Future: Community Building & Business Development Lifecycles
Providence Geeks: Community Building to Grow Your Brand
Attended: Search Love, Social Media Marketing World, Next10x, Inbound, Agents of Change, Digital Summit Boston